Sacraments for Adults – RCIA

If you are an adult and wish to be baptized in the Catholic Church, or you are a baptized Christian looking to be received into the Catholic Church, we have the program for you!  The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is a year long program to foster faith and understanding of the Catholic Church for the participant.

Through weekly sessions and reflection, participants deepen their knowledge of the Church, are invited to take an active role in the life of the parish community and are mentored in their spiritual journey with Jesus Christ as the centre of their faith journey.

The Sacraments are celebrated at Eastertime.  To prepare for the reception of the Sacraments, the program begins the spring prior to the following Easter.  For those interested in learning more about the RCIA program at St. Patrick’s, please contact the Parish Office.

Current Inquirers from St. Patrick’s Parish, begin the program in the September 2016, and journey for the next coming year preparing for the reception of the Sacraments at Easter 2017.

For more information, contact at the Parish Office (416) 598-3269, and we can discern together if the RCIA program at St. Patrick’s is for you.

Served by the Redemptorists

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