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We are all stewards of the gifts that God has given to us, and sharing them generously in ways small and great gives us the opportunity to use them for the Lord’s work.  Many parishioners contribute a range of skills and time to make the community at St. Patrick’s Church grow and flourish.  Through the time and talent of many people, we are able to remain connected to one another, our brothers and sisters, united in the Lord who calls us and sends us all forth to build the kingdom together.

St. Patrick’s is a dynamic community with many opportunities for volunteer involvement.  We welcome your time and talent for the service of the community.

A very important element of volunteering in the parish setting is Volunteer Screening.  It is the policy of the Archdiocese of Toronto that all volunteers in the parish are interviewed, registered as volunteers and screened based upon the type of ministry that they are engaged.  We will help you discern if a particular ministry or program is for you. Some of our ministries require a criminal records check.

We thank you again for your enthusiasm and generous spirit to become involved in the life of our parish community and we look forward to serving with you in these ministry opportunities.

Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R., Pastor                              
Fr. Joseph Ruta C.Ss.R., Associate Pastor

Parish Ministry Registration Form

Download the Parish Ministry Registration Form, fill it out and email it back as indicated on the form itself.  The descriptions of the ministry opportunities on the form are as follows:


Altar Server – Students older than grade 4 are invited to serve during the Sunday Masses.  Altar Servers receive training and are scheduled for service at the Mass time attended by their family.  Youth and Adult Volunteers are needed as well to assist in the supervision, training and community building of the group of Altar Servers.

Baptismal Preparation Team – This team welcomes and prepares families with children (under age 7) who are preparing for the Sacrament of Baptism.  Parents and Godparents participate in a one-time information and preparation session before the Baptism of their child.  The team facilitates the preparation session and assists in preparing the celebration of Baptism.

Bible Study Program – Over the last few years, we have hosted a Bible Study Program as part of our Adult Faith Development Programs.  We hope to continue to offer this Program for study, reflection and prayer to our parishioners.  A Bible Study Program Team is needed to prepare and facilitate the Bible Study Program.

Charismatic Prayer Group – A weekly group who gather to praise, reflect and offer prayer through the Holy Spirit who calls them together.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word – During the Sunday Mass at 12:10 PM, we offer an opportunity for children from grades 1 – 6 to gather in the Choir during the Liturgy of the Word to reflect upon the Word of God for the day in a creative and age appropriate way.  Leaders and Chaperones are needed on a rotating basis to plan and facilitate the Sunday Sessions.

Choir Members (Sundays Masses) – The music at each of our Sunday Masses is facilitated by different music groups – each with their own unique sound and style.  New Choir Members are always welcome to lend their voice to the prayer of the Sunday Liturgy.

Saturday 5:00 PM   Gregorian Choir

Sunday 8:30 AM   Cantor with Accompaniment

Sunday 10:00 AM   German Community Mass and Choir

Sunday 12:10 PM   Contemporary SATB Choir

Sunday 5:00 PM   Contemporary / Youth  SATB Choir

Collection Counters – Volunteers working in groups who assist in the accounting / counting procedures of the Parish following Sundays and Wednesdays.

Communications – Assisting with “Communications” for the Parish – Parish Website, Graphics, Display Boards.  This is great for someone who can contribute from home!

Extraordinary Minister of Communion – Trained and commissioned volunteers who assist the Priest in the distribution of Holy Communion during Masses.  Extraordinary Ministers of Communion should be at least 16 years of age.

Family and Children Ministry – An outreach ministry to Families and Children to help foster faith life and faith development both at the Parish and in the Home setting. Volunteers plan and facilitate gathered program events at the parish as well as take home activities.  Some examples of these events have been – Santa Claus Parade after party, Advent Wreath making for families, Family ideas for Lent, Advent and other seasons.

High School Retreat Ministry – An outreach ministry to high schools in the GTA offering day retreats at St. Patrick’s Church.  The team working with the students consist of young adults and University students available to assist as leaders and small group facilitators.  Adult Parishioners are invited to contribute with the Lunch program, set up and program support.  These retreats happen at least 4 times a month on a weekday.

High School Volunteer Hours – Are you a high school student looking to fulfill your Volunteer Hours by helping out in one of our parish programs?  You are welcome to get involved as well!  You are invited to fill out a form and we’ll talk about how you can become involved and use these opportunities to fulfill your required hours!

Justice and Service Group – One of the main initiatives has been the awareness building and fundraising for the Asha Deep Orphanage and School Group in India, as well as work with Refugees, Development and Peace as well as Voter Education.  We hope to continue to expand our programs and offerings through local initiatives in both the parish and local community.

Kolping Society – Promoting the vision of their Blessed Adolph Kolping, the development of the individual and family, and foster a sense of belonging and friendship through charitable and social activities.  Through their events, they provide support to functions in the parish.

Lector – Trained and commissioned volunteers to proclaim the Word of God through Sacred Scripture during the Masses on Sundays and weekdays.  Lectors as well serve as commentators for the Sunday Liturgy. Lectors should be at least 16 years of age.

Legion of Mary – A group of faithful volunteers who dedicate themselves through the intercession of Mary by meeting weekly at the Church.  Members participate in the life of the parish through visitation of families, the sick, and through collaboration in apostolic and missionary undertakings sponsored by the parish.

Liturgical Environment – A group of dedicated parishioners who are involved in planning and preparing changes in our liturgical space.  Through decoration, preparing changes in liturgical seasons, use of symbol and décor, as well as regular maintenance and cleaning, this group enhances our prayer experience of liturgy through attentiveness to the beauty of our liturgical space.

Liturgical Hospitality (Greeters and Ushers) – We are welcomed at our door by our greeters and ushers who are ready to assist us with a word of welcome and with the assistance for books and bulletins.  Ushers assist in the taking up of the collection, and are present to assist the Priest and Pastoral Team should any unforeseen emergencies arise during the celebration of Mass.

Meditation Group – Each week, a group gather to learn about meditation and to practice the prayerful art of meditation.  This is an opportunity for intercession and prayer for the individual and the community and to focus prayer on the needs of those who gather.

St. Patrick’s “Not Alone” Program – A new initiative for persons seeking support and community in the midst of depression and anxiety, and who would benefit by the companionship of peers on their journey.  This program is facilitated in collaboration with Mood Disorders Association of Ontario.

Office Assistance – Providing assistance in the parish office through light office duties – answering phones, assisting parishioners at the door, folding bulletins and brochures.

Open Door Wednesday Lunch Program – Once a month, after the 12:00 PM Wednesday Mother of Perpetual Help Devotions Mass, we welcome guests from the Mass and the community for lunch, social time and community building.  Volunteers Opportunities include:  Food Purchases and Preparation, Set Up, Clean Up, and general visiting among our guests.

Out of the Cold Program – We are fortunate to welcome our guests to our Sunday Supper in the Parish Hall each week from November to March for warmth, food, shelter, conversation and community.  Volunteer Opportunities include:  Food Preparation, Set Up, Serving, Clothing Room, Purchasing, Clean Up, Dishes and building Community among our guests.

Parish Finance Council – An advisory body whose members are appointed by the Pastor.  The primary responsibility of the Parish Finance Council is to assist and provide advice regarding the financial and operational well-being of the parish in accordance with Archdiocesan policies and directives.  New members are welcomed as vacancies arise.

Parish Pastoral Council – An advisory and consultative body working in concert with the Pastor and Pastoral Team.  Council Members are representatives of all the members and groups of the parish.  The task of the Parish Pastoral Council is to coordinate activities and ministries within the parish as well as discern the movement of the Holy Spirit and the will of God in the planning of long-range pastoral initiatives.

Parish Vocation Committee – A group that has a devoted interest in the promotion of Religious Life and Priesthood, as well as Married and Single Life for the service of the Church.  As our parish is served by the Redemptorist Priests and Brothers, and our congregation consists of the presence of several women’s religious congregations, volunteers are invited to assist in the planning of events, activities and programs to promote and foster vocations.

Parish Volunteer Screening and Ministry Team – A Team of Volunteers who assist in the recruitment and screening of ALL parish volunteers who are serving in ALL parish ministries.  Volunteers are needed to assist in the “Human Resources” branch of our Parish Ministries to screen, interview, foster the gifts of each parish volunteer who seek to serve the parish through a given ministry.  Please see the section regarding Parish Volunteer Screening to understand more about the goals and task of this important ministry in our Parish.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)– A team of volunteers who assist the coordinator in the weekly meetings that facilitate the faith development and the catechetical program for Adults seeking to become Catholic and join the Church.  Volunteers assist through roles of Sponsors, program assistance, and assisting with special events and ceremonies.

Sacristans and Setting Up for Mass – Volunteers are needed to assist in the maintenance of the Sacristy of the Church by preparing for weekday and Sunday Masses, Adoration and Holy Hour, and maintaining supplies, linens and resources.  Training will be provided.

Sacramental Preparation (First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation)  We prepare students who do not attend Catholic Schools for the reception of the Sacraments.  Volunteers are needed as Catechists/Teachers, Program Leaders and Program Support to help in the assistance, planning and facilitation of this special ministry of Sacrament Preparation.

St. Patrick’s Senior’s Group – A Group of dedicated seniors in our parish who meet monthly to plan events for seniors in the parish, to socialize, and to celebrate the gift of life, faith and fellowship among their peers

Parish Community Life Committee – Teams of Volunteers who work to plan Special Parish Social Functions, Dinner/Dances, Special Receptions, Coffee Sundays (after 10:00 AM Mass), Parish Bazaars.  Volunteers are often found working the kitchen, purchasing supplies and food, cooking, baking and assisting in the set-up and clean-up of events.  Other events and programs may develop under Parish Life, as we invite the gifts and talents of volunteers to become involved.

Young Adult Ministry – Young Adults (age 18-35) in our community are seeking opportunity for faith development, fellowship, and networking as they transition into adulthood.  Volunteers (Young Adult and Adult) are invited to assist in the planning and facilitation of Young Adult Programming here in the parish.  Your gifts, openness and creativity are welcome.  These would include: Pub Nights, Meet and Eat Sessions etc.


Served by the Redemptorists

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