New Website Format!!!


Our Website has now changed its format.    You can still reach us at, as it’s redirected to the new site which is located at  

But you are currently subscribed to the old wordpress format to receive our Weekly Posts.  We appreciate that you continue to get all the correct information and updates for our Parish Community.

We invite you to resubscribe to the new formation and receive news and or the Bulletin by going to “Contact Us” and then “Sign Up”.

With the new Sign Up System, you can sign up for instant or periodic announcements, events, blog and news for just St. Patrick’s or for the Archdiocese announcements. We will post on here for one more week even after the site has been transferred, to serve as a reminder to for you to Sign Up at the new site. 

Thank you, and see you at the other site!

Fr. Santo Arrigo C.SsR.  and the Staff and Volunteers at St. Pats!