Asha Deep Giving Tree – Christmas 2012

The Advent tree for Asha Deep has returned.  Over the last several years St Patrick’s has developed a special relationship with Asha Deep, which is a school for orphaned, disabled, and disadvantaged children operated by the Diocese of Bijnor, in rural India.

In the past, St Patrick’s has provided cows, clothing, Braille readers, and a solar water heater used for washing the children.  In the past, St. Patrick’s has provided cows, hearing aids, solar water heater and panels, and equipped the science labs at the school.   This year the school, St Joseph’s, has asked that we provide a bus to safely transport the children, living in the remote surrounding villages of the school.  There is no public transportation in the area and people travel by bullock cart, tractor’s, bicycle’s, or on foot.   They have also requested computers specifically for the use of the blind and the deaf students and equipment for the vocational training centre.  We have a record of very generous participation, and have won the love and respect of both the children and staff of the school.

Please purchase an ornament (or give generously)!  Envelopes are available for your donation.  You can deposit the Envelope in the Collection or in the boxes in the back of the Church.


Asha Deep is in the Bijnor Diocese at Dodrajpur in northern India   

St Patrick’s is moving into an exciting time as we our relationship with the Asha Deep School for orphaned, disabled, and disadvantaged children in Northern India grows.  Having completed our third incredibly successful year of providing funds for the school, we are on the verge of launching the first of what we hope, and expect, will be many volunteer delegations to serve personally at the school.

All who contributed through the barbecue, giving tree, and other channels have the heartfelt thanks of both the parish and the school, and are asked to join us in prayer as we send our volunteers on their mission!

Fund Raising is a Huge Success

For the third year in a row the truly inspirational generosity of our parishioners has allowed us to collect more than $10,000 in donations for the school.  In 2009, our donations enabled the school to purchase milk cows, Braille readers, clothing, and hearing aids to meet the basic needs of the children.  Last year we collected more than $14,000.  That money was used not only to fund a solar water heater now used to heat water for washing bedridden children during the cold winter months at the foot of the Himalayas, but to provide local flood relief at the urgent appeal of Bishop Vadakel, whose diocese operates the school, as well.

With the $14,000.00 so generously donated this year, we can take our first steps for helping the children to deal with life beyond school, in the harsh economic environment of rural India.  In the poorer parts of rural Asia, children who cannot be cared for or fed are often left on the street, to fend for themselves or die.  For disadvantaged children, this is typically a sentence to a loveless death.

Like all other money collected for Asha Deep, the money given through this year’s summer barbecue and Advent giving tree will be sent directly to the school, without loss to fees for banks, the government, or the local diocese.  On arrival, it will be applied by the school toward purchase of tools and equipment to be used in teaching the children vocational skills, so that, though disabled and disadvantaged, they will have a hope of surviving, and maintaining a dignified life, when they are too old to remain at the school.

On several occasions Bishop Vadakel, with the priests and nuns who run the school and care for its children, have expressed their profound thanks for the interest St Patrick’s has taken in their school.

Read our BLOG from the January 2012 Scouting Trip to Asha Deep, or watch the following youtube video to see their journey on behalf of the parish.

Asha Deep Scouting Trip Video – January 2012


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